Patents and Intellectual Property

I The MITRE Corporation

 1. US Patent, US 5355474 A, October 1994, an Apparatus and Method for a system for security constraint processing during database query update and design operations. (with William Ford and Marie Collins).

2.  US Patent, US5481700 A, January 1996, an Apparatus and Method for a system for handling the inference problem based on Nonmonotonic Typed Multilevel Logic.

3. US Patent, December 1997, an Apparatus and Method for a system for expert inference control (with William Ford).


II The University of Texas at Dallas

4. US Application No. 13/588,977 Systems And Methods For Determining User Attribute Values By Mining User Network Data And Information” Satyen Abrol, Latifur Khan, Bhavani Thuraisingham, Vaibhav Khadilkar (Patent Granted)

 5. US Patent Application No: 2012/0054,184  Systems and Methods for Detecting a Novel Data Class, Mehedy Masud, Latifur Khan, Bhavani Thuraisingham, Jiawei Han et al. (Patent Granted)

6. US Application Number 61/944,304: Large Scale, Automated Detection of SSL/TLS Man-in-the-Middle Vulnerabilities in Android Apps, UTD-14-009 B. Thuraisingham, L. Khan, Z. Lin

 7. US Application No.: 62/015,697 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MEDIA DATA ANALYTICS (Marketing) G. Rajaseker, G. Ganesh, L. Khan, B. Thuraisingham, N. McDaniel, S. Abrol, V. Khadilkar

 8. US Application Number  62/015678 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR THREAT DETECTION AND PREDICTION (Security), Satyen Abrol, Latifyr Khan, Vaibhav Khadilkar, Bhavani Thuraisingham, Nathan McDaniel


Intellectual Property Disclosures (Sample)


Disclosure Number: 09-037

Title:                Policy Management for Assured Information Sharing in a Coalition Environment

Inventors:       B. Thuraisingham, L. Khan, M. Kantarcioglu


Disclosure Number: 10-017

Title:                Classification and Novel Class Detection in Concept-Drifting Data Streams Under Time Constraints

Inventors:        L. Khan, M. Masud (former UTD Post-doc), B. Thuraisingham         


Disclosure Number: 10-019

Title:                Biological Weapon Attack Simulation Using Social Network and Game Theoretic Modeling

Inventors:        M. Kantarcioglu, R. Layfield (former Ph.D. student)


Disclosure Number: 10-054   

Title:                Agglomerative Clustering using Label Propagation for Location Mining

Inventors:        S. Abrol, L. Khan, B. Thuraisingham, V. Khadilkar   


Disclosure Number: 13-038

Title:                Semantic Web-Based Inference Controller for Processing Security Policies to Control Unauthorized Inferences

Inventors:        T. Cadenhead, M. Kantarcioglu, V. Khadilkar, B. Thuraisingham


Disclosure Number: 13-055

Title:                InXite – Marketing/InXite - Security

Inventors:        B. Thuraisingham, S. Abrol, L. Khan, N. McDaniel,  V. Khadilkar


Disclosure Number: 14- 009

Title:                Large Scale, Automated Detection of SSL/TLS Man-in-the-Middle Vulnerabilities in Android Apps

Inventors:        B. Thuraisingham, L. Khan, Z. Lin



InXite System: Patents applied  in June 2014 and discussions are ongoing with investors since September 2013 through UTD’s Office of Technology Commercialization. This is a social media integration and analytics system for national security, law enforcement as well as marketing applications.



UTD Spin-Off Corporation

We started a spin-off company titled: “Knowledge and Security Analytics, LLC” in Summer 2010.  The company founder is Bhavani Thuraisingham. This spinoff company is a holding company from which we will apply for SBIR/STTR.

Two new corporations are being spun off from UTD Technologies in Cyber Security and Big Data Analytics with two UTD colleagues and two external entrepreneurs in first quarter 2015.