Books Authored

1.      Data Management Systems Evolution and Interoperation, CRC Press, May 1997.
2.       Data Mining, Technologies, Techniques Tools and Trends, CRC Press December 1998
3.       Web Data Management and Electronic Commerce, CRC Press, June 2000
4.       Managing and Mining Multimedia Databases, CRC Press, June 2001
5.       XML, Databases and Semantic Web, CRC Press, March 2002
6.       Web Data Mining and Applications in Business Intelligence and Counter-terrorism, CRC Press, June 2003
7.        Database and Applications Security: Integrating Data Management and Information Security, CRC Press,
June 2005. 

 8.       Building Trustworthy Semantic Webs, CRC Press/Auerbach, 2007

9.        Design and Implementation of Data Mining Tools, CRC Press, June 2009  (co-authors: L. Khan, M. Awad, L. Wang).

10.         Secure Semantic Service Oriented Systems, CRC Press, December 2010

11.     Data Mining Tools for Malware Detection, CRC Press, Expected publication, December 2011 (co-authors: L. Khan, M. Masud).

12.     Building and Securing the Cloud, CRC Press, November 2013.

13. Secure Data Provenance and Inference Control with Semantic Web, CRC Press, August 2014 (co-authors: T. Cadenhead, M. Kantarcioglu, V. Khadilkar).

14. Analyzing and Mining Social Networks, CRC Press, To be published in 2015 (co-authors: S. Abrol, R. Heatherly, M. Kantarcioglu, L. Khan).

15. Big Data Analytics with Applications in Insider Threat Detection, CRC Press, to be published 2015/6 (coauthors: P. Pallabi, L. Khan, M. Masud).


Books Edited: 12  books edited since 1993 in cyber security, data management and multimedia systems. Details can be obtained from my web site at